Era Timepiece Blog Entry

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Era Timepieces is a recently introduced brand that has recently created quite a stir on the crowdfunding websites. Between both Indiegogo and Kickstarter they raised 1.75 Million.

Their value proposition is very simple, but is highly effective. They have created what they call the Era Prometheus. The Era Prometheus is the first of its kind. It adds a complication called a tourbillon to the classic skeleton watch.

The tourbillon is a rarely seen complication because of the time, knowledge, and technology needed to create it. A typical tourbillon watch will cost over 100,000$. Era watches managed to reduce this cost.

Era Watches reduced the standard cost by nearly 99% bringing this style of luxury watch down to 1,500$. They took a watch that costs as much as a small house and bring it down to the price of a cheap car.

Era Watches is an amazing example of innovation and will certainly make their mark.

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