Resources to Launch your Tech Products
April 10, 2018



Want to know one of the least understood secrets for launching innovative tech products? It’s one that most aren’t aware exists, but the desire by the largest tech companies (ie Apple, Google) to actively contribute resources to innovative startups or large companies launching new, innovative products is something all entrepreneurs and product managers should know.

Those that have recognized this dynamic have realized enormous value for their companies. The key is to understand that when you are planning what you think may be a game-changing app, IoT product, or AR experience, you have to be proactive in your approach to partner with the tech industry leaders and build that approach as early as possible into your project plans. The rewards for doing so can be well beyond what most comprehend.

Leverage the Ecosystem

What specifically are these tangible and intangible contributions and how much value can they bring? The answer obviously varies, but for the companies that plan correctly, the outcome can include things like direct PR (with the PR teams from these companies making the connections to top publications,) online marketing with their customer base, and product launch contributions that any innovation team would envy. Other benefits include invaluable development feedback and insights during the design process that can make products easier to use or set up – critical pieces of information for customer experience. One obvious benefit for companies that really do it right is access to the golden Rolodex, leading to game-changing introductions to some of the world’s top companies.

Capturing this value requires careful planning, and it helps to establish relationships with those that have successfully navigated this process before. There are many different groups within these companies who specialize in things like PR, developer relations, app development, engineering, retail distribution, and partnering. Sometimes just getting the attention of the right person at the right time is a critical first step. Opening dialogue, positioning the opportunity, and managing these relationships both before and after meetings are all part of the navigation process.

Learn to Ask Good Questions

The most common mistake we see is that most innovation managers aren’t even aware of the many resources available to tap into and the willingness these large tech leaders have to bring successful products to market even when they are developed by 3rd parties. So whether you are in the beginning, middle, or even at the end of an innovation cycle, it’s never too late. Remember, working with these companies means more than just developing an app for iOS or Android. If you expand your perspective, companies both large and small can tap into a wealth of contributions the tech giants are willing to make to help you succeed.

Who is Greenline?: Greenline has a passion and reputation for helping entrepreneurs and companies successfully bring their products and ideas to market. We help our clients succeed by engaging early on in the development process all the way through launch and into the growth phase of the product cycle. We have a particular expertise navigating how to develop relationships with Apple and across all other applicable channels by leveraging best practices, resources and a Rolodex that brings the right people to the table. Mike Crowley represents clients in the U.S. East Coast and Europe for Greenline. 

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